LEED Projects

Galewood Elementary School

Wood panels provide sun screening on the south, east and west façades of this three-story new elementary school, reflecting the building’s sustainable features that achieved LEED Silver certification.  The building design introduces daylight in common spaces to improve the experience of students, staff and visitors as they navigate through the school.

Veterans Memorial Campus at Archer Heights

Former industrial structure repurposed as a school campus – two elementary schools and a high school. Extensive green elements provide spaces that promote good health through sustainable technologies. This school campus is certified LEED Gold, writing a new chapter for education and the environment.

Garvy Elementary School

This environmentally-designed addition to an existing elementary school provides much needed wheelchair access while achieving LEED Silver status.  It features a green roof, natural daylighting, permeable pavers, native plantings and future photovoltaic panels among other green elements. The once fully-asphalted site was transformed as recreational and educational green zones for students and neighboring residents as well as a new permeable parking lot for staff.

Avalon Public Library

This prototypical branch library for the Chicago Public Library on South Stony Island is a LEED certified project.  Concentric designs and patterns were integrated to conceptually represent the ripple effect of learning, while calming blue and green tones were used to design a positive learning environment.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Christopher Barrett (Galewood Elementary School, Veterans Memorial Campus), UrbanWorks, Ltd. (Garvy Elementary School, Avalon Public Library)