South Chicago Courtyard Flats
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Chicago, IL
Private Developer
UrbanWorks, Ltd.
Consulting Firms
Project Initiation
Completion of Work
Site Area
35,900 SF (10 buildings, 30 units)

These contemporary variants on the typical Chicago three-flat are adjacent to the former site of US Steel’s South Works. Each building is developed as two distinct volumes, with active spaces including entry, living, and eating facing the street and sleeping areas inhabiting the “passive” volume to the rear. A light well separates the two volumes while distributing natural light to multiple spaces.

A contemporary aesthetic of masonry and Prodema wood panels highlights the facades.  Sunshades along south and west façade temper solar gain according to the season. The design will achieve LEED-Silver certification. Additionally, it is participating in the pilot program for the new LEED-Neighborhood Developments.