Park Boulevard Residential Development
1 2 3
Chicago, IL
Stateway Associates, LLC
UrbanWorks, Ltd.
Consulting Firms
Matrix Engineering (Structural)
James Steinkamp
Project Initiation
Completion of Work
Site Area
32,200 SF (building)

This 21-unit mixed income condominium building is part of Phase I within a 33-acre, four phase development that will encompass more than 1,300 housing units when complete.  The overall plan provides replacement housing for the Chicago Housing Authority‚Äôs Stateway Gardens.

Building facades reflect the diverse architectural nature of the surrounding Bronzeville neighborhood and IIT campus. Long facades are modulated through a variety of materials and their subtle variation. Brick is deployed in various color combinations. Metal balconies, canopies, and copings adopt both ribbed and smooth articulation.

Awards and Publications

2011 ALA Merit Award