Emerson Foster Development
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Evanston, IL
E-Town Ventures III
UrbanWorks, Ltd.
Consulting Firms
Carmen Vidal-Hallett
Wolff Landscape
Indie Energy
Manhard Consulting Ltd.
Manuel Avila
Project Initiation
2007 - present
Completion of Work
Site Area
4.75 acres (site)
This mixed-use neighborhood development provides commercial space and 142 dwelling units arranged around a new street and vest-pocket park. Established via its master plan to reconnect an abandoned industrial site to the surrounding neighborhood, the intimate development utilizes common Evanston housing types - 3 flats, 6 flats, town homes and a condominium building - rendered in a fresh contemporary aesthetic.

Various passive and active energy responses, including geothermal heating and cooling, green roofscapes, solar thermal panels, interior daylighting, and stormwater management promote an advanced “green” design. Each structure will be LEED certified, with most units achieving a Silver rating. The development will provide Evanston with a new standard in walkable and sustainable transit-oriented development and its master plan will fulfill LEED-ND requirements.